Does Race Matter?


The Trayvon Martin Trial and the Casey Anthony trial was the most dreadful cases I have ever seen in Florida history!  Two individuals walk free after murdering children!  Yes Trayvon Martin was not eighteen and in some states you have to be twenty-one to be considered a man. The entire black community is outraged, but its not the only community suffering. You have to keep in mind first and foremost Zimmerman is Hispanic. What kind the proper name I don’t know.  What I do know is that everyone that is not of his race is considered a minority. Yes, people have to use self defense in some cases, however do we use self defense to kill? He could have shot him in the arm or leg? You could have knocked him out if he was really attacking you, but a gunshot to the chest is the most deadly you move you could make. Personally manslaughter would have settled this just fine for me. He should have been charged for his stupidity and his lack of common sense. I would be scared to death, anyone of us if we were walking and a Hispanic male is stalking us in their car. Doesn’t matter if we were black or white. If Zimmerman got out the car, you would kick into full defense mode. “What is this man trying to do?” I would be screaming for help, fighting everything just like Trayon. I know the nation is wounded.  Please everyone if race is not the issue. Everyone of every race need to come together and protect the children.  Does anyone remember Sandy Hook? I do and it broke my heart. Thats sick, he needs to just be taken to a field and all the parents that lost their child should spray him down with bullets. Casey Anthony, shaking my head. How can that woman call herself a mother. I hope someone takes her ovaries away. She doesn’t deserve to bear another child as long as she lives. I hope her daughter haunts her forever. Maybe she will kill herself. That’s a first class ticket to hell and a one way at that! Only thing I can say is that justice may not prevail on earth. However, you do have to pay for your sin. So, when you die and reach the gates of heaven will God let you in?
These three rejected! But, hay thats my opinion.  What’s yours? Have one feel free to comment.