Vacation Writing? A Do or Don’t?

I need a vacation want a vacation! However, I have two jobs, being a self published author I plan on keeping my full-time job until I reach the big leagues. I just need time to relax, writing is exciting for me. Except working in the healthcare field takes a toll on me throughout the day. Some days I write and sometime it can be days before I return to my writing zone. When I write I like to be in a quiet space, minimal noise, and no distractions. I like incense, jazz, or classical music to get the keys moving. Lately I haven’t had any of this. I’m thinking the Caribbean, after Christmas. I was thinking of cruising, but after all the negative events as of recently, I think not.  This would give me plenty of quiet time. Writing by the beach. No laptop, too much luggage just a good old notebook and pen. I think I made up my mind. I can’t say if it’s a do or don’t, I have yet to try. All I can say is that I will soon be a writer on vacation, a beach bag with my pen and paper. Oh let’s not forget my cutest swimwear, floppy straw hat, and Chanel shades. (Thanks Micheal! 😉 ) Can’t wait to feel the sand underneath my feet. How about you? Image