Crossing The Other Side Of The River


As a writer you try to gain inspiration from any thing. I have found that driving helps. Since my series is based on the town I’m from.  I decided to go on a ride. Before I knew it my mind was filling with different ideas with every block I passed. Its not safe to drive at night, not in my city.  Ever heard of East St. Louis, Illinois? If not google it or bing whatever you fancy.  Just because I’m from East St. Louis does not mean I’m Ingornant, disloyal, ghetto,or a criminal.  I’m a shining diamond.They say the greatest treasures are in the least expected places. There are a handful of authors from East St. Louis. I think I’m the only one from my generation.  I better not get cocky. Thats my research for the weekend; authors from my city. On another note my friend thinks my series would make a good movie. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming.  Dreams are real and they can be reality.