Love Hurts

My relationship ended before it even came to life. Being young and falling in love is just an experience that can’t be explain. Everyone has experienced different things. Every person experience isn’t the same. When you are young in your early twenties like I was eight years ago. Your prorities are different and your biological clock doesn’t exists.

Wow, like what’s a biological clock?” I asked my doctor when I was twenty one. Anyway,my love of my life and I met when I was twenty-six. He was everything to me, we had a fire but a cold flame. I fell in love with a bitter soul. My age has innocence and disadvantages when it comes to a relationship like this. In other words I was played. He was swift, fast, and smart. His bedroom room skills were heaven on earth. Middleage man, he was knocking 40 at the door last time I checked. He was bitter from a failed relationship.  I took punishment for someone else mistakes. It had even gotten to the point were his memories became crossed, mistaking me for her. The lies I hate lies. The sex oh how I loved his sex. The fights, were fought every night. His darkest hours sent me down a dark highway. With my bagagges of emotion scattered out on the dark road. This road goes on forever its almost never ending. Where does it end. If I can gather my emotions there is a light that awaits me.