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Still full of surprises, I said to myself.

I walked Kay Kay to the door.

“Thank you,” I said.


I closed the door and sat on the bed going through the package. Inside was a birth certificate, social security card, and passport. Nomi Malone, I laughed out loud. How in the hell did he remember that. Nomi Malone was the name of the main character in the movie Show Girls, the movie that inspired me to dance. I told Harris how I used to sneak and watch it late at night because I was too young to be watching such things on cable. My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of my phone. It was Peaches.

“Sorry I’m late, my damn neighbor wanted me to take her to the store. I got the key; so what’s up?”

“I need you to go in the flour canister and get out the two grand. That should be enough to move me.”

“What? Move why?”

“For the last few nights, someone in a black Camaro has been watching me. When you go in, pretend like I’m there, but I’m sick. I have made reservations with a storage unit in South County. Get the moving company to move all my belongings there. I need you to get the girls together to pack up my clothes and personal items. Everything else is storage. Make sure there is no one watching you or following you when you leave. I need all this done tomorrow before night fall.”

“All this damn work! What about your gun?”

“It’s in the trunk of the car at Enterprise. I had to get a rental, no one can be aware of the changes that I’m making. I don’t know if the Camaro belongs to Justin and his goons or my cousins spying. I’m not taking any chances. My flight will arrive back in St. Louis at 6 p.m. Meet me at the Eclipse Restaurant at the Moon Rise Hotel; that’s where I will be staying. Tell Mikki to come too.”

“All right, be safe, and I got you.”

After hanging up there was a text from Cameron. 


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Last Week’s Addiction

Last week’s addition was simply over my amazon sales rank and how many downloaded my book during the free promotion. What I did figure out during my observation and obsessing was that when units are sold it’s not updated instantly. Your rankings change hourly and it depends on how many books you have sold the hour before the update. All this new information and insight is what I call overwhelming. I’m proud to say I cut back on viewing my progress to twice a day. Once at about two in the afternoon ,then once more before bedtime. However, when I start the new promotion this Friday-Saturday I won’t check it until bed time. Easier said then done! I wonder do New York Times Best Selling Authors have this sell addiction? I guess it comes with the new author territory. My goal is to sell at least a hundred books in a month. I’m currently at twenty-seven the last I checked. Those are the numbers for my paying customers. I had 1500 downloads the first day my book was released and it was free. If it wasn’t for the KDP Select rules; that doesn’t allow you to  publish no where else for 90 days I feel I could have tripled my numbers. All in good time, that’s the only down fall. KDP is great for new authors. Now, I just have to find a way to cope with my addiction. Great day guys and happy writing.


Loving The Main Character.


When it comes to writing books of any kind. You always have a main character. The main character is nothing more than a lead role in a novel.  It took me a while to even come up with Brooke. Brooke is the main character in my newest and first written book Circle of Games The Lovely B. By Juliet B. Brooke was born from what I call my alter ego or shall we say the name I used when I met a guy at the club. Guys found this surprising because a few women of color have the name Brooke. When you hear the name Brooke I see an image of the girl next door. Classy, elegant, smart, but knows how to have fun. She is probably in a sorority of some sort. The greatest thing I could have ever done was bring her to life. Brooke lies deep down within me providing inspiration.  In the book she is all the things I’m not except we are both hard workers. I have decided to major in Nursing regardless if my book ends up as a New York Times Bestseller or not. Nursing is a family tradition for me as well. Brooke managed to get herself involved in a more healthy life style. After writings chapters about her days at kickboxing, I found my gym bag. Never thought a character could motivate.  Brooke is making me come out of my shell or should I secretly live my life through her in my writings.  I know that isn’t possible.  Fiction to me is like daydreaming on paper. Your pen’s ink is now your imagination. To make your character real to the reader you have to put a piece of you or a piece of someone into the character. What real person doesn’t have issues or a nine to five?  You won’t find the humanly impossible in my books, but you will be entertained.  If you want to check out my book you can find it on my Author page: