Last Week’s Addiction

Last week’s addition was simply over my amazon sales rank and how many downloaded my book during the free promotion. What I did figure out during my observation and obsessing was that when units are sold it’s not updated instantly. Your rankings change hourly and it depends on how many books you have sold the hour before the update. All this new information and insight is what I call overwhelming. I’m proud to say I cut back on viewing my progress to twice a day. Once at about two in the afternoon ,then once more before bedtime. However, when I start the new promotion this Friday-Saturday I won’t check it until bed time. Easier said then done! I wonder do New York Times Best Selling Authors have this sell addiction? I guess it comes with the new author territory. My goal is to sell at least a hundred books in a month. I’m currently at twenty-seven the last I checked. Those are the numbers for my paying customers. I had 1500 downloads the first day my book was released and it was free. If it wasn’t for the KDP Select rules; that doesn’t allow you to ¬†publish no where else for 90 days I feel I could have tripled my numbers. All in good time, that’s the only down fall. KDP is great for new authors. Now, I just have to find a way to cope with my addiction. Great day guys and happy writing.



Your Book Is Live!

Nervousness is what I felt and what every new author feels before they hit the publish button on KDP. For those of you that don’t know what KDP stands for its Kindle Direct Publishing.¬† I’m a new author and when becoming an author you accrue a lot of expenses. I editing was the most expensive, but thanks to 21st Street Editing service it wasn’t so bad. I have a big trust issue when it comes to handle business from afar. I’m excited because numbers aren’t my worry. My imagination and creative ideas are on a strangers kindle or kindle app. I’m entertaining from a distance, that’s a rush. I’m not expecting much just exposure. I’m exhausted with happiness that’s all I can really say. Thanks again to all my readers for taking a chance on a new author on the Urban block. My family Mom, Victoria Blaylock, Marion Blaylock, and M.J. To my closest friends, Tricia Johnson, Aja Wilson, and Kimberly Anderson.