A Real Woman

As women when do we truly let our guards down when it comes to relationships? Because when it comes to protecting our hearts and our pocket book…not the pocket book you put money in…you know the cookie..lol we can come up with some crazy ideas. Some men and sometimes your friend never truly understand the heartache and men never will truly understand what we give up to be there girlfriends , mistresses, and wives. Then to be compared to another woman when a man has trust issues make you wanna slap the hell out of them. When will they understand that a good woman a real woman is not define on the way she wears her hair or the way she dresses. You can be the Remy queen but as long as she treats you the way a woman should than why does it matter? Women are losing sight of who they are and settle for side chicks and sharing men. I remember when I got that phone, I’m sleeping with him too. I didn’t argue I didn’t call her out her name I simply stated I don’t share and gave him the boot and off to the damn clinic. That’s another issue these girls don’t get check ups so STDs are through the roof. The women that do these things and have these behaviors are still girls. It takes more than a baby to make you a woman. So do me a favor when you see me on the street give me the respect a woman deserves