Love Thy Self


When I stand in the mirror I see Sierra. Its a blessing to know that I have accepted myself as a woman and now that I am a woman I realize that my flaws and mistakes only made me stronger. Another lesson I learned during my journey in womanhood. Is that its okay to love, except love yourself first and enough self love is never too much you dont need a man to validate the woman you are. I’m in love and that’s a blessing but because I loved God and myself first I gained that blessings.  To all my ladies going thru it and you know what I mean. Find faith, keep the hope and love yourself.


4 thoughts on “Love Thy Self

  1. I loved reading your book and I am praying that you are working on part 2. I am dying to find out what happens with Cameron, and what is Paul’s ulterior motive. Remember the streets talk LOL.

    • I am working on part two. Sadly due to the long editing process I won’t be able to release I early spring. I hate for my readers to wait that long but I have no control over my editor. But their work is worth the wait. I’m glad you enjoyed.

  2. Lady you are the i have read your book circle of games at least 10x since its release. Im dying for part two. Wea you at woman☺

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