Loving The Main Character.


When it comes to writing books of any kind. You always have a main character. The main character is nothing more than a lead role in a novel.  It took me a while to even come up with Brooke. Brooke is the main character in my newest and first written book Circle of Games The Lovely B. By Juliet B. Brooke was born from what I call my alter ego or shall we say the name I used when I met a guy at the club. Guys found this surprising because a few women of color have the name Brooke. When you hear the name Brooke I see an image of the girl next door. Classy, elegant, smart, but knows how to have fun. She is probably in a sorority of some sort. The greatest thing I could have ever done was bring her to life. Brooke lies deep down within me providing inspiration.  In the book she is all the things I’m not except we are both hard workers. I have decided to major in Nursing regardless if my book ends up as a New York Times Bestseller or not. Nursing is a family tradition for me as well. Brooke managed to get herself involved in a more healthy life style. After writings chapters about her days at kickboxing, I found my gym bag. Never thought a character could motivate.  Brooke is making me come out of my shell or should I secretly live my life through her in my writings.  I know that isn’t possible.  Fiction to me is like daydreaming on paper. Your pen’s ink is now your imagination. To make your character real to the reader you have to put a piece of you or a piece of someone into the character. What real person doesn’t have issues or a nine to five?  You won’t find the humanly impossible in my books, but you will be entertained.  If you want to check out my book you can find it on my Author page:




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